Vision Human Resources

People form the foundations of any company's competitive advantage. Our Human Resources policy is committed and adapted to developing the group into an organization based on the following convictions:

  • Clear and transparent agreements form the basis for the mutual expectations of employees and the company.
  • Our employees have access to essential company and business information and know how to deal with it.
  • Employees are familiar with the corporate objectives, and are able to translate these into terms of their own work environment and role
  • The Picanol Group has a leadership culture.
  • The company provides frequent and automatic feedback to all its employees.
  • Generating profits (and thus avoiding losses) is a top priority. Our employees realize this and are therefore constantly open for improvement.
  • Our employees are continually and actively engaged in learning.
  • Creativity and innovation are essential advantages in an environment of strong competition.
  • Our employees are capable of functioning within new cooperative agreements (cross-functional, cross-cultural, projects and teams).
  • Reaction speeds and capacity for adaptation are tailored to the needs of the international market.
  • Our talented employees enjoy working for the Picanol Group.​
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