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Warehouse Assistant Picanol

“I like working at Picanol because of the variety the job offers, the friends you make, the challenge and the general atmosphere.”

Electromechanical Engineer Proferro

“The great thing about my job is that it’s very diverse. You get a lot of satisfaction from the job.”

Electromechanical Engineer Proferro

“I would recommend this job to anyone because of the great working environment with many pleasant colleagues and plenty of variety to your work.”

Assembly line operator Picanol

“Frankly, I never thought that I’d start working here, but I quite liked the job and that’s why I’m still here today.”

Machine operator Picanol

“What I like best about my job is that we get to see the end result of the production process. I didn’t have a technical background, but there are so many colleagues here who will help you out in case of any problems.”

Assembly line operator Picanol

“The atmosphere between colleagues here is absolutely great. There is always time for a laugh, and we all support one another.”

Warehouse worker Picanol

“The best aspects of my job are the variety and the great colleagues. The atmosphere at Picanol is really good. We have lots of young people here – nice colleagues in the same age group. But there’s a good connection with the more experienced colleagues, too.”

CNC operator Proferro

“I can really recommend working here because this is a good job and a good company that offers career opportunities. In addition, you can sign up for several training programs.”

CNC operator Proferro

“You learn to work in a team with your colleagues and you get to know all the high technology machines and all the cutting-edge technology that we have here in Proferro.”

Machine operator Picanol

“Every day is different, and the social aspects are also very good in our working environment.”

Coremaker Proferro

“It’s very motivating to work with friendly and courageous people, and basically I feel motivated to come to work every morning.”

Forklift operator Proferro

“I initially came to work for Proferro because of the salary, but also for a career change. There’s a good rapport between each team and with the managers.”

Deburrer Proferro

“I like it here because it’s a physical job and I like working in a team. For a French person working in Belgium, the advantage is the salary, the luncheon vouchers, and so on.

Timothy Stragier
IT Officer Picanol Group

"The greatest satisfaction is helping people. Moreover, we have a very varied audience."

Wouter Baert
R&D Engineer Psicontrol

"You should definitely think about coming to work here as this is a fast-growing technological company and our projects are very diverse, which makes it an exciting job."

Pieter Van Bost
Production Engineer Proferro

“I like the trust they place in me. My job is really varied and you get a lot of opportunities to learn and increase your knowledge.”

Lucas Damman
Designer Proferro

“As a company, Picanol is not afraid of investing in new technology. And that is definitely an advantage.”


Joren Carton
Production Engineer Proferro

"Every day is something new, something fun. One day you're preparing a quote, the next you're launching a product or doing optimisations."

Jill Pauwels
Receptionist Proferro

"You get extras here such as eco vouchers, meal vouchers and a gift when you have something to celebrate. There are also many events. I think it's great that the employers do that."

Jelle Saesen
Project Engineer Proferro

"I worked here first as a student and was well supported by colleagues who had more experience. That way I learned a lot and made faster progress." 

Tom Aerts
Junior R&D Engineer Picanol

"The best thing about my job is the challenge. Improving new developments and testing whether things work effectively is absolutely my thing. I also get a lot of freedom to tackle projects in my own way."

Pieter Vandenbroucke
Project Engineer Picanol

"I never work on one project, I think that would be too boring. Here we get the chance to experiment and look at new things."

Karim Asrih
Junior R&D Engineer Picanol

"The nice thing about my job is the technical challenges, like making a machine run faster, for example."

Justin Matthys
Junior R&D Engineer Picanol

"I have had many challenges in my job, learned many things and still do. That is what I like about this company. You get the freedom to discover new things." 

Sven Maes
Junior R&D Engineer Psicontrol

"The best thing about my job is that it's so varied. We get to work with all the products we make."

Severine Derez
Operator Picanol

"Everyone knows everyone and everyone helps each other. I have very good colleagues I can always count on."

Maxim Dumortier
CNC operator Picanol

"I like working here because of the good working atmosphere and because I learn something new every day."

Jana Vandevyvere
Logistics Assistant Picanol

"The reason why I still work here is because I enjoy myself. The atmosphere is good and I like getting out of bed to go to work."

Machteld Vanrumbeke
Warehouse keeper Psicontrol

"I really enjoy all aspects of my work. There is plenty of variation and every day is different."

Jorgen Joye
Universal assembler Picanol

"Picanol is close to home for me. It offers good working hours and extra-legal benefits. There is also a nice internal atmosphere." 

Seppe Decapmaker
CNC operator Proferro

"I did my internship here for two years in a row and a holiday job for three years. Then I officially started working in the company."

Jens Vandevyvere
Forklift truck & Machine Operator

“We are a close-knit group. There is a good atmosphere, my colleagues are pleasant, you get to make friends, and you are paid well.”

Kevin Van Exem
Foreman Proferro

"The best part of my job as foreman is working together with the operators and the variety of work."

Jerôme Verhaeghe
Cupola Operator Proferro

“There is really a great deal of cohesion between the colleagues. It’s a family, one big family.”

Benjamin Biget
Operator Proferro

“It’s the atmosphere between the colleagues at the factory and learning new things every day. Once a year we go to an amusement park, which is also nice. And of course, the vacation allowance is great!”

Liesbeth Noyez
Insertion Psicontrol

"My work is actually more like a hobby to me. I have great colleagues and there is definitely a good atmosphere!"

Dave Knockaert
Troubleshooter Picanol

"Every day I can correct several mistakes. Those challenges keep me on my toes."