LNG-trucks voor transport bij Picanol (4).JPG

LNG trucks for Picanol container transport

In cooperation with one of our main transport partners, Group-GTS (Tessenderlo), Picanol (part of Picanol Group) has recently deployed two LNG trucks for container transport between Ypres and Antwerp. LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) significantly reduces emissions of SOx, NOx and soot particles. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. LNG trucks not only emit 20% less CO2, but their engines also run significantly more quietly. The Group-GTS LNG trucks are equipped with markings that warn vulnerable road users of their blind spot.

Containers filled with weaving machines leave Picanol's shipping department each day for destinations all over the world. Most of these machines travel by sea freight to our international customers. We have therefore sought ways in which we can lower the CO2 emissions of transport to and from container ports. This led to our decision to use LNG trucks, in partnership with Group-GTS. LNG is an attractive, ecologically sound and cost-effective alternative to diesel fuel, for heavy transport applications and long-distance transport.

We currently use two LNG trucks for container transport. These trucks operate fixed, shuttle routes as the LNG filling station network is still limited. The LNG trucks travel an estimated 170,000 to 250,000 kilometers per year, depending on the extent to which they can be utilized.