Milestone first pile foundation new head office Picanol Group 2

First pile foundations for new Picanol Group headquarters

On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, the first pile foundations of the new Picanol Group headquarters went into the ground. This was done using our own drill tips that were cast and finished at the group’s foundry and mechanical finishing department.

This is how Picanol Group started the construction of its new headquarters at its home base in Ieper (Belgium). The new building will be erected on the current company site - in fact, it will be situated between the group’s training center and Ieper’s Zuiderring road. From an architectural point of view, the design of the new headquarters – which will take the shape of a shuttle – reflects Picanol’s history as a manufacturer of weaving machines.

To mark the first pile foundations going into the ground, the company invited some of the children of its employees in Ieper to capture this milestone on film. Therefore, some 50 children joined mayor Emmily Talpe and Luc Tack (Picanol Group CEO) for this important moment.

With its new headquarters, Picanol Group is striving to build for the future while simultaneously ensuring a sustainable anchoring of the group in Ieper.

The construction works are expected to last a maximum of 2 years. Therefore, the new headquarters are scheduled to be inaugurated in 2024.