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Open House at Nakaden Keori

On 13 and 14 April 2016, Picanol and its Japanese agent EDI Co Ltd organized an open house at Nakaden Keori, a Picanol customer for 20 years. During this event two OptiMax-i weaving machines, recently supplied to Nakaden, were demonstrating the possibilities in terms of speed and versatility of the new OptiMax-i generation. The two OptiMax-i in free flight execution were weaving challenging styles. On the first machine a woollen fancy style with 10 different weft colors on 20 harness frames demonstrated the advantages of the Optispeed variable speed program, the Smartcut weft scissors with electronic settings per insertion channel, and the ERGO system, allowing waste minimization for each weft. The second machine was running a fancy cotton style with 12 different weft colors on 16 harness frames at high speed.

From the enthusiastic feedback noted amongst the visitors, it was clear right from the start that they were most impressed by both the performance of the OptiMax-i and the innovative features on display. With approximately 400 visitors from Japan, a large part of the Japanese weaving industry witnessed the superiority of the new Picanol OptiMax-i, as well as the dedication of Picanol and its local agent EDI Co Ltd to the high-end Japanese fabric weavers.

A special word of thanks goes to Mr. Nakajima and the whole team of Nakaden Keori (www.nakadenkeori.co.jp), who have been the perfect hosts for this event.

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