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Safety campaign at the Proferro foundry: Safety@Proferro!

Being classified as heavy industry, foundries have an above average risk of industrial accidents. While Proferro already undertook plenty of activities in the field of safety, this campaign steps up our efforts towards achieving a safe working environment. The renewed focus is all about joining forces to make our workplace a safer one by constantly questioning our attitude towards safety and, moreover, adjusting our behavior. Every two months we are highlighting a different safety theme, which is displayed on bulletin boards at the plant. Each theme is then explained in detail and discussed at team meetings and in newsletters. Safety is very much a shared responsibility, not something that affects just a few individuals.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we take initiatives to improve not only our own safety, but also that of our colleagues. In order to collect ideas, suggestions and tips for better safety on the shop floor, Safety@Proferro suggestion boxes were installed at several locations throughout the plant. More than 350 suggestions have been collected since the start of the campaign one year ago. Since its launch, the campaign has seen the number of industrial accidents fall by an impressive 40%. In addition, the number of sick days was reduced by half. "Obviously we welcome these positive figures, but we are not there yet. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of industrial accidents to zero" explained Cathy Defoor (VP Proferro).