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Wear-resistant high-speed leno weaving system for OptiMax-i flexible rapier machine

Although other high-speed leno weaving systems have appeared on the market recently, some weavers are sticking to the high-speed Optileno for specific reasons.

The Optileno uses hardened, sintered steel needles. The form of the eyelet allows yarns to pass over a curved surface. This makes it ideal for PP tapes and fiberglass, as contact with sharp edges is avoided. The Optileno requires much lower warp tension compared with heddle-based systems because higher warp tensions are not needed to force warp ends into the right position.  Abrasive warp ends do not wear out the system over time, thanks to a combination of low warp tensions and a hardened needle surface. 

Another big advantage is that there is no friction between the straight and the turning warp ends during weaving as they follow separate paths from the beam till beat-up-point, avoiding potential fiber damage.

Picanol has sold several wider width Optileno machines in the US. There is virtually no maintenance to the system even after years of continuous operation at highest speeds, thus greatly reducing maintenance costs.

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