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New production test system at PsiControl

PsiControl has introduced a new groundbreaking production test platform: PsiMate (PsiControl Modular Automatic Test Equipment).

This platform drastically increases production test throughput together with reduced test development effort. The test platform architecture and different equipment have been carefully chosen in regard to reliability, measurement accuracy and maintainability, which has resulted in an important production test system uptime and test repeatability improvement.

The innovative concept of the test platform realizes a paradigm shift in test methodology by combining different test technologies such as ICT, BSCAN, Functional test, fast programming, parallel test, etc. into one physical test system that reduces the number of different test process steps to a minimum while still having an optimal test coverage.

The modular architecture realizes a high level of flexibility and scalability that allows one to tailor individual test systems for specific product families, throughput requirements, quality levels, etc. without the need for the redesign of test HW and/or SW. Moreover, this flexibility will enable PsiControl to keep pace with the fast technological evolution in both product and test technology areas by integrating new state-of-the-art test equipment without losing compatibility with existing test systems. Capabilities for extensive automation of the production test process support the growth in production volume while keeping the operational costs under control.

With the introduction of the PsiMATE platform, PsiControl is in a good position to cope with all possible production test challenges that arise during the next decade.