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Any mention of the name Picanol, immediately brings up the thought of weaving machines. For over eighty years, Picanol has been a worldwide pioneer, and today, we are one of the leading weaving machine manufacturers in the world. However, Picanol is more than a weaving machine manufacturer. Founded in 1936, the Picanol Group has evolved from a traditional machine manufacturer into a worldwide supplier of complete solutions for the textile industry and other sectors. Nevertheless, a company also has a profound social impact. This is no different for Picanol. Much is owed to the dedication of the founders of the company and their successors. ​

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    Investing in new production halls


    The company invested in new production halls. An automatic foundry and new assembly line, having a capacity of 10,000 shuttle machines per year, were built outside the city center of Ypres.

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    Presentation of the President


    At ITMA in Lille, Picañol presented the President, the automatic weaving machine with which Picañol conquered the world. More than 160,000 President Machines were sold, making the name of Picañol known and respected throughout the weaving world.

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    The beginning


    In 1936 , the Belgian industrialist Charles Steverlynck set up the company Weefautomaten Picañol NV. The first weaving machine was based on a design from the Spanish engineer Jaime Picañol.