A career at Picanol Group

Applying at Picanol Group could mean the start of a flourishing and extremely varied career.

Picanol Group is more than just a place where you come to work. Here you receive the space to expand and develop your skills. It is normal that after a few years, you will be ready for a new challenge. That is why within the Picanol Group, we view internal mobility in the broadest sense possible.

When you are new to the organization or change position, we compile a personal development plan (PDP) together with you. This plan is not the end point but the beginning. You become the owner of your own training. You add your own personal touches and complement it in consultation with your personal coach.

Are you focused on a specific area or do you harbor the ambition to assume broader responsibility for a whole team? Both career paths are wide open when you join the Picanol Group. Our classification system is constructed according to the 'dual ladder' principle. There are, in other words, both management (People Management ladder) and technical (Expertise ladder) positions. That is how Picanol Group reinforces the importance of expertise within the various professional domains.

Inspired to make your mark within a dynamic and international organization?

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Vision Human Resources

People form the foundations of any company's competitive advantage. Our Human Resources policy is committed and adapted to developing the group into an organization based on the following convictions:

  • Clear and transparent agreements form the basis for the mutual expectations of employees and the company.
  • Our employees have access to essential company and business information and know how to deal with it.
  • Employees are familiar with the corporate objectives, and are able to translate these into terms of their own work environment and role
  • The Picanol Group has a leadership culture.
  • The company provides frequent and automatic feedback to all its employees.
  • Generating profits (and thus avoiding losses) is a top priority. Our employees realize this and are therefore constantly open for improvement.
  • Our employees are continually and actively engaged in learning.
  • Creativity and innovation are essential advantages in an environment of strong competition.
  • Our employees are capable of functioning within new cooperative agreements (cross-functional, cross-cultural, projects and teams).
  • Reaction speeds and capacity for adaptation are tailored to the needs of the international market.
  • Our talented employees enjoy working for the Picanol Group.​

More than work...

A pleasant working environment is important for feeling good about yourself and continuing to enjoy and remain enthusiastic about your work. We place enormous value on building strong team spirit and capitalize on every opportunity to take part in activities with colleagues outside normal working hours. We continuously set up new initiatives. Activities for everyone such as Picanol's 80th anniversary celebrations accompanied by a grand festival, the New Year's reception, info evenings with famous guest speakers, etc.

In addition, there is the annual cycling tour, quiz night and various ball sports such as volleyball and football. But you can also take part in such alternative activities as mountain biking and trout fishing with fellow employees at Picanol. Every year, we organize a St Martin's celebration for the youngsters (the St Nicholas celebration of the Westhoek). In addition, there is ample opportunity for activities organized for a good cause.

The Picanol Group has developed the conviction very early on that alone, you get nowhere. Without solidarity and a sense of duty and cooperation, one's chances of success are limited. That goes as much for companies as for individuals. It is this idea, which our founder, Charles Steverlynck had always fostered. He had an eye for the social dimension in and around his factory. He was a great promoter of several associations which have continued to this very day.​